Throwback Thursday: Convention Pleximonies

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August 23, 2018

Many of us find inspiration in hearing moving stories of success and perseverance. These stories can motivate you to take the first step, or provide you the encouragement you need to get through a challenge. Plexus® Ambassadors have some of the most powerful stories out there, and we were privileged to hear several of them share their journeys from stage at the event.

Get inspired with three amazing stories from Senior Ruby Ambassadors, Emily Burgess, Janelle Johnson, and Justine Froelker. Don’t forget, Pleximonies are great for sharing!

Pleximony – Emily Burgess


Pleximony – Janelle Johnson

Pleximony – Justine Froelker  

A special thank you to all of our Ambassadors who inspire countless others with their powerful Pleximonies!

posted 2 years ago