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September 28, 2018

Want to know the latest updates that can influence your social presence? How can you ensure your business is getting noticed through social media channels?

Have no fear! Your social media training is here.

For the month of August, Plexus® launched a Summer of Social training with some of our top Plexus Ambassadors to help you identify how to stay on track with social media updates specific to your Plexus business.

And, you can access all of the amazing social media topics and videos in the Facebook Plexus Ambassador Community Group.

Simply search for Summer of Social videos from our top Plexus leaders by typing Summer of Social in the search bar on the left side of the Facebook Ambassador Community Group.

Or, click on the following topics to go directly to each video.

NOTE: If you aren’t a member of the Facebook Ambassador Community Group, be sure to join the Facebook group to view these videos.

The latest social media updates

Branding 101: How to Brand Yourself as a Business

Facebook Pages, Profiles and Groups

Using Groups for Business Building and Team Management

Using Instagram as a Plexus Ambassador

Optimizing your Social Mix

Summer of Social Summary

We want to know what you think!

Please take 3-5 minutes to share your feedback on the Summer of Social topics and videos to help us continue developing social media tools that support your business – Click here.

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