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September 28, 2018

Samples are a great way to introduce friends and potential customers to Plexus® products, and now you can share samples of XFactor Kids!

Why share XFactor Kids samples

People love to try a product before they entirely commit to a purchase — this is especially true for parents who want to ensure their kiddos will like the product before they buy it.

How will you share the new XFactor Kids samples?

Take samples with you

You never know when XFactor Kids will come up in conversation. Keep a few XFactor Kids samples in your purse so you will always be ready to share. You may also want to attach your business card to the sample pack.

Make a connection

Listen for clues on how you can bring XFactor Kids into your conversations. Is your friend looking for ways to keep their family healthy? Are they always on the go and find it’s difficult to keep their kids on track with eating healthier foods? As you listen to your friend, you will discover how XFactor Kids can benefit their family’s lifestyle.

You can also simply add XFactor Kids into your chat by asking your friend, “What type of multivitamin do your kids take?”

Here is an example of words to say:

“Do your kids take a multivitamin? I recently started giving my son XFactor Kids. He loves the taste and I love that it’s a multivitamin and probiotic in one delicious chewable. Would you be interested in trying it? Here’s a sample. I’d love to hear what your kids think.”

Keepin’ it social

As you share XFactor Kids samples, connect with your friend or new acquaintance on social media so that you have a way to follow up with them. If you’re already connected on social, follow up in a few days to find out what they think of XFactor Kids.

You may want to end the conversation by saying, “I’d love to hear what you think. What is the best way to check back with you?”

Don’t forget the follow-up

Keep track of when you plan to follow up with your friend by putting a notification on your calendar. You may want to send a text, call, or Facebook message within 48 hours to see what they think of XFactor Kids.

Here is an example of words to say:

“It was great seeing you the other day! I loved catching up and hearing more about your kids’ sports camp. I definitely want to get my son involved next month. I also wanted to check back and get your feedback on XFactor Kids. Did your kids like the flavor?”


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