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September 28, 2018

We’re introducing exciting updates to our U.S. Welcome Packs and Combos! These great, new options are available now, so be sure to check them out. Plus, learn how to share these new product bundles with your potential Ambassadors and Customers.

Welcome Pack Updates

We’re enhancing our selection of amazing product pack options for new Ambassadors joining Plexus!

Say hello to the new Welcome Packs below:

  • Plexus Slim® Microbiome Activating*, Plexus XFactor Plus™, and Plexus Vitalbiome™ Welcome Pack
  • Variety with Plexus Slim Hunger Control* Welcome Pack
  • Slim Hunger Control, Plexus Edge®, and Plexus Block™ Welcome Pack
  • Slim Hunger Control and Plexus Accelerator+™ Welcome Pack

Spread the Word about New Welcome Packs

Help your new Ambassadors see the immediate product savings and business building benefits of enrolling with a Welcome Pack. Plus, all Welcome Packs have a coordinating Combo, making it easier for your Ambassadors to continue with their favorite product bundle and remain commission qualified!
Welcome Packs provide the best product discount that is only available for brand new Ambassadors within the first 30 days of enrollment. They also create a simple transition into a Subscription as new Ambassadors receive the best experience with the consistent use of the products.

Check out the complete list of all Welcome Packs in this handy flyer.

Continue with a Combo

 The new Combos that coincide with each Welcome Pack mean that you and your new Ambassadors can continue to enjoy your favorite product bundles beyond the first month and throughout your Plexus journey! See all the Combo options below.

Introducing four fantastic new Combos:

  • Slim Microbiome Activating, XFactor Plus, and Vitalbiome Combo
  • Slim Hunger Control, Edge, and Block Combo
  • Slim Hunger Control, Accelerator+, and Block Combo
  • Slim Hunger Control, Boost, and Block Combo
  • If the current Combo in your subscription has been discontinued and you aren’t quite ready to give it up, don’t worry! Those with these Combos on their current Subscriptions have been grandfathered in and will still be able to keep the Combo on their monthly subscription and they will continue to receive it each month.
Check out a complete list of all Combos in this easy-to-share flyer.
To top it all off, we’re also introducing new, convenient XFactor Kids™ Sample packs! Sharing these great children’s chewable multivitamins has never been easier. Check out the first of our three-part training articles on how to share the new XFactor Kids Sample packs.
New Welcome Pack and Combo Shareables
For a fun visual to share with your new and prospective Ambassadors and Customers, click and save the helpful shareables below.

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