Joyōme® Brochures are now available to all Ambassadors!

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October 5, 2018

As with any Plexus® product, there is a lot of valuable information on product benefits and Joyōme is certainly no exception. Since its launch in May 2018, Joyōme has been changing the face of beauty. Learning the science behind how Joyōme works to reverse visible signs of aging is now easier than ever with the new 20 pack of brochures now available for purchase to Ambassadors!

This bundle is sure to help you inspire potential customers to step up their skincare routine with Joyōme. You can purchase brochures in the Marketing Materials section of the Shop tab on for $5.00.

After snagging some brochures, take a moment to refresh your knowledge and review the training sources available when it comes to sharing Joyōme with your Ambassadors and Customers. Your potential customers will be amazed with all groundbreaking science that Joyōme has to offer!

posted 11 months ago

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