Plexus® Weekly Leaderboard: Week of Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2018

October 11, 2018

Congratulations to all of our Ambassadors who made their way to the prestigious Plexus Weekly Leaderboard for enrolling the most Preferred Customers and Ambassadors. Also, a big round of applause for our leaders who earned Business Building Bonuses! Notice anything new? We know how hard our Ambassadors work to make this list, so we’ve enhanced our Weekly … Continued

Congratulations September Rank Advancements!

Huge congratulations to all of the amazing Ambassadors who climbed the ranks last month! We are so grateful for all over our Ambassadors who lead the way in sharing health and happiness with others. Their commitment and hard work have paid off this month, earning them a special place in this month’s rank advancements. We … Continued

‘Normal Soccer Mom’ Celeste Gwynn Becomes a Top Plexus® Leader – Two Times Over

Get-to-Know Diamond Re-entry Diamond Ambassador Celeste Gwynn It’s hard to believe this top Plexus leader once said no to joining the company–multiple times. Celeste didn’t want to be the “crazy Plexus lady”–a title she now happily embraces. Those close to her know that when she makes her mind up about something, she does it. That drive and commitment have helped this … Continued

There’s Still Time to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! There are so many reasons to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year – and in our opinion, every day of the year. This is the perfect time to show our collective love and shine a little more light on Hispanic heritage in appreciation of the vast cultural contributions throughout the world. … Continued