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October 11, 2018

XFactor Kids Sample Packs are a perfect way to start a Plexus® conversation, but is your team reluctant to share? How do you help them step out of their comfort zone and get on board with sharing? Try a team challenge!

How do you launch your team challenge?

First, bring your team together for a Power Hour on a Zoom call or group chat to focus on one incoming-producing activity (IPA) that will help your team get motivated to share XFactor Kids Sample Packs.

Here is a simple outline for your Power Hour:

  • 10-15 minutes: Discuss one IPA you’ll work on as a team.
  • 40 minutes: Have each team member work on the IPA on their own.
  • 10 minutes: Come back together for a quick overview on how you did.

Need an IPA idea for your Power Hour?

You can start the first 10 to 15 minutes of your Power Hour sharing “words to say” that can help your team feel more comfortable sharing XFactor Kids Sample Packs. Check out last week’s article on “Words to Say When Sharing the Benefits of XFactor Kids Sample Packs…”

Then challenge your team to take 40 minutes to reach out to friends, Customers, and acquaintances through text or Messenger and find out if they would like to try XFactor Kids.

Once you’ve worked on it for 40 minutes, come back together as a team and take 10 minutes to see how everyone did.

Keep the challenge going!

Remind your team to follow up with those they reached out to who want samples or more product information. Invite your team to keep reaching out to prospects and Customers who could be interested in XFactor Kids Samples so that they can get more comfortable with having it come up in conversations.

After a few weeks, check in with your team and see how everyone is doing with sharing their sample packs. What “words to say” worked best to start the conversation? How did they follow up with their prospects or Customers?

As you set up a team challenge and bring your team together for a Power Hour, you will discover your team has more confidence build their own team challenge and duplicate your efforts to share XFactor Kids Sample Packs.

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