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October 19, 2018

Hyperwallet just got better!

We are happy to share that Ambassadors with a Hyperwallet account can now gift a Customer or potential Customer an Incentive Code to go towards purchasing any Plexus® products!

Send A Gift
When you log in to your Hyperwallet account, click on “Incentive” at the top of the screen. Fill out the form with the information of the person you are gifting the code to and be sure to include the amount you are giving, the expiration date of choice and a special message to go along with your gift. When you select “Continue” an email with the Incentive Code will be sent to their email address.

Redeem A Gift
When you or your Customer is ready to redeem their gift, send them to to start shopping! Once all their products are in the shopping cart, select “Checkout”. If you have an existing Plexus account, you will need to login to complete your purchase. If you don’t have a Plexus account, you will need to create an account and enter your information.

In the Payment section, there is an option for the “Plexus Wallet Incentive Code”. Copy the code received from the email into this box and click “Apply” and then complete your order.
Important Details
Please review the following important details before using Hyperwallet to gift Incentives codes:
  • Incentive codes are one-time use only per code, even if the full balance is not used.
  • Incentive codes cannot be used for subscription orders, only discretionary orders.
  • Hyperwallet Incentives must be used with the same currency they are given. (e.g. A U.S. Customer cannot use an incentive code given by a Canada Ambassador and vice versa.)
  • If an Ambassador is using an Incentive code they may not use their own Hyperwallet account for the remaining balance. The Hyperwallet payment option will be disabled when the code is used.
  • Promo codes and Incentive codes can be used in the same order.

Refresh Your Knowledge
Take a moment to refresh your knowledge on Hyperwallet (Plexus Pay Portal) and all it has to offer when you visit the Resource Center in your Virtual Office.

We are excited for you to try out this new feature within Hyperwallet! If you have any questions, please reply to this email or you contact us at 480-998-3490 and a Customer Service representative would be happy to assist you. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT.

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