How to Encourage People to Join the 14 Day Sleigh the Season Challenge

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October 25, 2018

The holidays are filled with food-focused gatherings and sweet temptations that make it far too easy to gain extra weight during this most wonderful season. To help people stick to their healthy lifestyle goals, and even help people lose weight this season, Plexus is hosting the 14 Day Sleigh the Season Challenge.

This is an incredible opportunity to earn cash incentives while also motivating your prospects, Customers, and team to get through the holidays healthier and happier this year.

Make Your List and Check it Twice

Do you know someone who wants to lose extra pounds or get through the holidays without gaining weight? Or maybe you have a friend who is getting ready for a winter escape to Hawaii or know a new mom who wants to get rid of the post-baby weight.

Write down all the people you know who could benefit from this 14 Day Challenge and start reaching out.

What will you say? Here are some simple words to say to help you get started.


“I’m starting a 14 Day weight loss challenge, and you came to mind as I was thinking of friends who would be interested. Our goal would be to lose those extra pounds that we usually gain through the holidays and my company is leading the challenge with amazing giveaways! We all could use some extra holiday prizes this season! What do you think? I’d love to chat about the details.”

“Any interest in doing a 14 Day weight loss challenge with me? Now is such a great time as it will help us stay motivated to get through the holidays without putting on extra pounds. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win the daily $1,000 cash and $100 gift card giveaways or even win a $10,000 grand prize. Nothing to lose except those pounds!”

“Hey! I’m looking for friends to do a 14 Day challenge and you’re at the top of my list. You’re such a great motivator and we could really help each other stay on track to win great prizes. My company is hosting a 14 Day weight loss challenge to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose those extra pounds during the holidays. The amazing giveaways even include a chance to win $1,000 during a daily drawing or a $10,000 grand prize. When is a good time to chat more about the details?”

Text Message: Hi! I’m starting a 14 Day weight loss challenge and I know you would love to get involved. Not only can we win amazing prizes but we can keep each other motivated to avoid extra pounds this season. What do you think? Let’s chat more about it this week.


“Did you hear about the 14 Day weight loss challenge? You are going to love it! It’s filled with fun giveaways, including daily $1,000 cash and $100 gift card giveaways and a $10,000 grand prize. It’s a great way to stay healthy and lose those extra pounds this holiday season. Plus, it also includes the new Plexus Lean™ Whey to help kickstart our health goals. Let’s connect this week to chat more about this amazing holiday challenge.”

“I know you’ve talked about enrolling as an Ambassador and now is a great time to do so! Plexus® is hosting a 14 Day Sleigh the Season Challenge to help people shed those extra pounds during the holidays. This means you can receive the best price on the new Welcome Packs and qualify to earn amazing prizes, including a $1,000 daily giveaway or $10,000 grand prize. Plus, when you enroll people on your team with a qualifying Welcome Pack, you’ll earn cash! I can send you more details and let’s chat about it this week.”¤


“Hey! Let’s get together and chat about the 14 Day Challenge. This is a great time to encourage our prospects and customers to focus on their health goals while also trying the new Plexus Lean and other great products that can help them reach their goals. Can we connect in the next few days? It’d be great to set up a game plan together and help each other stay accountable for reaching out to our people. Plus, let’s set a goal to earn the enrollment incentive going on with this awesome challenge!”

“Did you hear about the 14 Day Sleigh the Season Challenge and Whey to Earn incentive? With three new enrollments or more, you can earn holiday cash! This can be a huge boost for business, and it’s always nice to have some extra cash during the holidays. Let’s chat soon to go over the details and set some goals. When is a good time connect this week?”

Plus, your Ambassadors can also earn holiday cash by taking part in the Whey to Earn incentive at the same time! Check out the Ambassador Guide for more information.¤

You got this! With some simple words to say, you are now ready to reach out to friends and acquaintances about the 14 Day Sleigh the Season Challenge. Remember, people won’t always want to join in. Don’t be afraid of “no” answers but keep reaching out to your people and you will find those who are ready to join you!

¤ Plexus makes no guarantees on income, as such representations may be misleading. Your success depends on your efforts, commitment, skill and leadership abilities, and how effectively you exercise those qualities. Please see the Plexus Annual Income Statement.

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