Super Saturday is Coming! Here is the Incredible Trainer Lineup

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November 8, 2018

Super Saturday is right around the corner and there’s still time to register! Kick off the new year in the best possible way—alongside your One Plexus® crew enjoying big announcements and fantastic training!

Need a little more convincing? Check out the outstanding trainer lineup for each location.

Montgomery, Alabama
Trainers: Megan Goff and Kristy Hull
Hosts: Rebekah Williams, Lindsay Bryant, and Melissa Amos

Edmonton, Alberta
Trainers: Kristen  Abart and Alita Allen
Hosts: Cheri Harbidge and Marge Martens

Scottsdale, Arizona
Trainers: Emily Gibson and Jessica Heffley
Hosts: Cheryl Wood and Jeanne Stratton

Little Rock, Arkansas
Trainers: Roz Payne and Julia Cartee
Hosts: Melissa Darby and Morgan Adams

Huntington Beach, California
Trainers: Bridget Ryan and Timie Yancey
Hosts: Erin Bush and Silvia Porter

Sacramento, California
Trainers: Amber Miller and Charlotte Siems
Hosts: Lori Welch and Brittnay Hitch

Aurora, Colorado
Trainers: Andrea Mitchell and Emily Finnell
Hosts: Kymber Williams and Kristi Fontenot

Wilmington, Delaware
Trainers: Amy Kosmalski and Clarita Yoder
Hosts: Christine Savicki and Brianne Coolidge

Clearwater, Florida
Trainers: Jaclyn Stanley and Lynne Allen
Hosts: Angie Zumwalt and Amy Triplett

Duluth, Georgia
Trainers: Melissa Eickenhorst and Elizabeth James
Hosts: Brittney Howard and Christy Doss

Boise, Idaho
Trainers: Ellen Ford and Susie McColl
Hosts: Susan Stern and Emily Burgess

Des Moines, Iowa
Trainers: Kristine Weyher and Brooke Matamoros
Hosts: Dawn Zomermaand and Sherry Lang

St. Louis, Missouri
Trainers: Brenda Martin and Abbey Cappa 
Hosts: Gina Moss and Sadira Hoette

Las Vegas, Nevada
Trainer: Roberto Perez
Special Guest: Sheila Medina
Hosts: Erica Valderrama and Ana (Bibi) Schadegg

Fredericton, New Brunswick
Trainers: Sonya Dudley and Wendy Larson
Host: Christa Howland

Charlotte, North Carolina
Trainers: Hayley  D’Jock and Jami-Laura Monaghan
Hosts: Phallin Black and Brooke Abee

Columbus, Ohio
Trainers: Rebekah Fowlkes and Becky Page
Hosts: Julie Adams and Megan Gariety 

Nashville, Tennessee
Trainers: Sara Marble and Brooke Hemingway
Hosts: James Easling and Jerit Abart

Irving, Texas
Trainers: Helen McFadden, Jenn Hawkins, and Robin Sullivan
Hosts: Celeste Gwynn and Cheyanne Weable

Salt Lake City, Utah
Trainers: Beth Anderson and Whitney Warr
Hosts: Monty Warr and Christy Jex

Register for an event near you today or watch the livestream from the comfort of your home. The deadline to register for an in-person event is Dec. 20.

We hope to see you there!

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