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November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving is almost here! Tomorrow is the big day, and many of us can’t wait to chow down on a delicious turkey dinner. But what if you couldn’t afford the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, or pies? What if you did not have the means to afford your next meals at all? For millions of Americans, these are the questions they find themselves asking, unsure of how to answer them.

Thanksgiving—A combination of two important words: “Thanks” and “Giving”. What better time than to make a conscious effort to do both? As you sit down next to your loved ones and give thanks for a wonderful meal tomorrow, consider how you can give back to those who wish they could be doing the same.

How You Can Help

On Tuesday, Nov. 27, we are inviting our Ambassadors and Customers around the country to contribute to this important cause when you purchase Plexus Lean™. Please join us in support of our Feeding America® partner to help make a difference for children and families in need.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday and stay tuned for all the information coming soon. As part of our One Plexus® family, we are grateful for your commitment to contribution and thank you for doing your part to give back this holiday season.

posted 9 months ago

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