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December 6, 2018

Did you hear? We recently introduced exciting additions to our Welcome Packs! Several great, new options are available now, along with some of the original favorites. Check out our recently-updated selection of amazing product pack options for new Ambassadors joining Plexus®!

  • Plexus Slim® Microbiome Activating*, Plexus XFactor Plus™, and Plexus Vitalbiome™ Welcome Pack
  • Variety with Plexus Slim Hunger Control* Welcome Pack
  • Slim Hunger Control, Plexus Edge®, and Plexus Block™ Welcome Pack
  • Slim Hunger Control and Plexus Accelerator+™ Welcome Pack
  • TriPlex Microbiome, Joyōme®, Plexus Lean™ Vegetarian Welcome Pack
  • TriPlex Hunger Control,  Joyōme, Lean Vegetarian Welcome Pack
  • TriPlex Microbiome Activating Welcome Pack
  • TriPlex Hunger Control Welcome Pack
  • Slim Hunger Control, Lean, and Block Welcome Pack
  • Joyōme Essentials Welcome Pack
  • Beauty from Within Welcome Pack

Sharing has never been easier! We’ve updated our handy Welcome Pack Flyer to include all the new options for the $99 and $199 Welcome Packs.


How to Share $199 Welcome Packs

Welcome Packs are an excellent option to get your new Ambassadors started right. So how can you help them understand the benefits, especially when it comes to the $199 Welcome Packs?

Diamond Ambassador Sheila Medina is here to show you why the $199 Welcome Packs are a win-win all-around! Learn from Sheila as she explains how you can set your Ambassadors up for success by exposing them to a variety of amazing Plexus products. In addition, enrolling a new Ambassador with a Welcome Pack will give them the biggest savings. Don’t forget, you’ll also get the Business Building Bonuses from helping them join with a Welcome Pack!

Sharing Welcome Packs can be a helpful business-building strategy for your team members as well. Take it from Sheila, it’s so important to lead by example and teach your team members how to share $199 Welcome Packs.

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