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December 21, 2018

What better way to ring in the new year than being a part of all the exciting Plexus® happenings LIVE? On Jan. 12, we are kicking off what is sure to be an incredible year ahead at our 2019 Super Saturday! Get ready for the big day by checking out the event trainers, then register for an event near you or host your own event.

Great news! If you haven’t yet registered, there’s still time. The in-person events have been so popular that we’ve added more spots to accommodate even more of our One Plexus family! Reserve your spot today! 

The only thing better than Super Saturday? Super Saturday with a friend!
If you’re all registered for Super Saturday, way to go! Are your friends registered too? If not, now’s the time to encourage them join in on the fun! Here’s how:
  • Invite your friends who are NOT Plexus Ambassadors or Customers to join you at the Opportunity Meeting held right before the Super Saturday Live event. They’ll learn all about how Plexus changes lives—and how it just might be able to change their lives, too.
  • Invite current Ambassadors, Customers, and anyone else who may be interested in learning more about Plexus to come to the Super Saturday Live event with you! Cheer together, learn together, laugh together, cry together—we all know that things are just better with a friend by your side
Even though we’ve added more spots, locations could still sell out! In other words, your friend might need a reminder text (or two). Get them registered before it’s too late!
So grab your pals, buddies, chums, and mates, and get ready for Super Saturday!

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