Enrollment Process Updates: Preferred Customer Upgrades

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January 17, 2019

Last November, we unveiled an enhanced Enrollment process to make joining Plexus® easier than ever! We hope you’ve had a chance to experience the improved user experience for yourself over the last few months.

Since the new process was launched, we have made some additional updates. Now, for any Preferred Customer who upgrades to an Ambassador:

  • A Subscription Order (over 100 PV) will be created based on a corresponding Combo that best matches the products in their initial Welcome Pack. This new Subscription Order will replace any previous Subscription Order, regardless of PV.If the Preferred Customer does not already have an existing Subscription Order when they upgrade, it will create a new one.
  • The new Ambassador will be charged for this Subscription Order exactly one month later, and it will ship shortly after.

  • At Checkout, the new Ambassador has the option to accept these new Subscription Terms, which includes replacing any existing Subscription Orders with this new Subscription Order.

    If the Preferred Customer elects not to accept the Subscription Terms upon enrollment, either no new Subscription Order will be added, or their existing Subscription Order will update to run one month out.

New Ambassadors who enrolled as of Wednesday, January 16, 2019, and forward will enjoy this new improvement. Please reach out to Customer Service with any questions.

posted 3 years ago