Celebrate the Month of Love with 8 Slimdown-Approved Date and Family Night Activities

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February 14, 2019

Spice Up Your Date Nights
It’s the season of love! When you think of the typical Valentine’s Day date—or any date, really—does your mind automatically go to the typical dinner and a movie routine? Try mixing it up a little this month with a fresh take on date night!

Keep your Slimdown momentum going with a fun, active, and heartwarming activity that makes you swoon even more for that amazing guy or gal in your life. After all, celebrating love with your honey is great no matter how you do it.

  1. Rock climbing: What better way to get your heart pumping than an exhilarating climb with that special someone? Take on a rock climbing wall and embrace a new challenge together, all while stepping up and reaching towards your Slimdown goals—Literally!
  2. Dance lessons: Swing, salsa, ballroom, hip hop, line dancing—the possibilities are endless! Learn some new moves and maybe even kick up the romance with that special someone by your side.
  3. Cooking class: If the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, this date idea is sure to whisk them away! Recreate the traditional dinner date by learning to prepare a delicious meal together. There are even healthy cooking class options to keep you on your Slimdown path.
  4. Volunteer: Love is in the air, and what better way to appreciate that wonderful feeling than joining your other half in giving back? Spend your date volunteering for an organization or cause you are passionate about supporting. Not only will contribution help bring you and your boo even closer, but you’re also spreading that love to others.


Jazz Up Family Night
If you’re looking to celebrate the season of love by getting the whole family involved, try some of our fun family ideas to keep you moving all month long!

  1. Museum: Expand your horizons and explore a fascinating exhibit at your local museum. Whether your family is into art, history, music, science, technology, and so much more, museums are great for all ages. Not only are you and the kiddos growing your minds, but you’re also getting those Slimdown steps in along the way! Plus, many museums have freebies and family specials to make it friendly for any budget.
  2. Ice Skating: Enjoy the beauty of winter with a trip to the nearest ice skating rink. Ice skating is the perfect way to get you and the kids moving during those long winter months. And for those of you in warmer states, don’t worry! Ice skating rinks are almost anywhere, so you can experience a little taste of winter, too!
  3. Game Night: Learn new skills and enjoy some friendly competition with a fun-filled game night. You can find a wide-range of engaging games for any age pretty much anywhere. The best part? Game nights don’t cost anything and they’re a great way to bring the family together.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: Switch things up and get active—both mentally and physically—with a family scavenger hunt. A simple internet search will give you countless ideas to help get you started, and you can host your scavenger hunt almost anywhere!


Fill your February with these fantastic activities, and keep pushing towards your Slimdown goals!

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