Fresh Start and Fast Start Qualifiers: Week of Feb. 2-8, 2019

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February 14, 2019

The Fresh Start and Fast Start programs are in full swing, and the turnout has been incredible! So many Ambassadors have taken their businesses to the next level and we are so excited to give them a well-deserved congratulations each week here in the Scoop!

Let’s hear it for our Fresh Start qualifiers!
Jan. 26-Feb. 1 Additions

Sally Crosby
Amalia Rodriguez


Feb. 2-8, 2018

Kristine Ah Quin
Dave Albury
Gina Arellano
Lisa Arellano
Taylor Atkins
Jennifer Baker
Amanda Barents
Amy Booker
Tara Castaneda
Orquidea Cavnar
Rebekah Chaney
Anthony Chidester
Catherine Chojnowski
Anna Click
Michelle Clifton
Carrie Compton
Ingrid Cooper
Magen Crim
Amy Cunnington
Wendy Decamp
Sherri DeFilipp
Elena Domicoli
Dorinna Dykema
Cami Erickson
Serene Floyd
Kim Friederichsen
Casandra Fryhoff
Victoria Furman
Shari Gaeta
Valeria Giannantonio
Justin Goff
Elizabeth Goodman
Jennifer Granados
Natasha Harris
Stephanie Hatch
Sulma Holmes
Sara Holwerda
Dan Hoogendoorn
Shannon Hughes
Kelly Ingram
Julia Jordanov
Melissa Kay
Erin Kleinman
Stephanie Krause
Amanda Laeng
Kacie Laiche
Lesley Lane
Melissa Lombardo
Christine Lowe
Cheryl Marchi
Jennifer McCabe
Meghan McClenny
Heather Oathout
Michelle Pearl
Mark Perkins
Suzanne Peterson
Jessica Phillips
Jorunn Phipps
Angela Polk
Jennifer Provencher
Sharon Quinn
Stefany Reed
Jennifer Riggan
Mary Rosenberger
Noelle Russow
Brenda Sanders
Victoria Schandevel
Eva Schmidt
Monica Schneider
Tessa Schueler
Molly Schultz
Jennifer Snyder
Staci Spence
Jennifer Streich Caspers
Jeana Stuber
jessie terry
Angela Thiele
Dawn Todd
Destinae Waddington
Brandy Wampler
Iris Williams
Laura Wilson
Tina Wolterstorff
Cristal Wooster
Sandra Wynja


Let’s celebrate our Fast Start qualifiers!
Feb. 2-8, 2018

Christine Bradley
Melissa Elison
Jami Jennings
Julie Johanson
Lisa Kinghorn
Romy Landskroner
Crystal Presby
Nancy Wicker


If you’ve earned in the Fresh Start or Fast Start program and don’t see your name on this list or haven’t received a congratulations email or payout, please reach out to

A huge congratulations to all of our Fresh Start and Fast Start earners! We can’t wait to see who will earn their way on next week’s list!

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