Fast Start Qualifiers: Week of April 13-19, 2019

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April 25, 2019

Since its launch at Super Saturday 2019, the enthusiasm for the Fast Start program has been incredible! So many Ambassadors have taken their businesses to the next level, and we are so excited to give them a well-deserved congratulations each week here in the Scoop!

Shout-out to our Fast Start Qualifiers!
April 13-19, 2019

Constance Adams
Joy Alekman
Charlotte Birk
Callie Brown
Jessica Cobb
Cameron Collins
Lindsey Cottle
Kevin Doncaster
Toni Dumas
Julie Earnshaw
Chris Faulk
Jacqueline Giordano
Stephanie Harbuck
Stephanie Heppler
Sandra Hersey
David Johnson
Raechel Karr
Tammy Keating
Jennifer Kelly
Wynelle Koehn
Gina Kort
Shannon Langley
Samamtha Leblanc
Amy Little-Hall
Summer Long
Helen Masi-Holmes
Craig Matthiesen
Drew Mayer
Lisa Mayer
Angie McCall
Bonnie McFarland
Heather Piszar
Donda Meader
Jennifer Morales
Richard Olson
Anita Patel
Nicole Samuela
Laurie Shepherd
Beverly Solis
Melissa Treasure
Amanda Troughton
Susan Twigg
Greg Van Campen
Melissa Walsh
Kristin Wemmer
Amber Whittington
Kimberly Winders
Susan Yeiter

A huge congratulations to all of our Fresh Start and Fast Start earners! We can’t wait to see who will earn their way on next week’s list!

If you’ve earned in the Fast Start program and don’t see your name on this list or haven’t received a congratulations email or payout, please reach out to the Plexus® Customer Service Team.

posted 4 months ago

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