Fast Start Qualifiers: Week of April 20-26, 2019

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May 2, 2019

Since its launch at Super Saturday 2019, the enthusiasm for the Fast Start program has been incredible! So many Ambassadors have taken their businesses to the next level, and we are so excited to give them a well-deserved congratulations each week here in the Scoop!

Let’s hear it for our Fast Start qualifiers!
Jan. 26-April 19, 2019 Additional Qualifiers

Lindsey Becker
Laura Cook
Melissa Gascon
Ryan Haggerty
Thomas Herrick
Micayla Hillebrand
Ann Marie King
Ruth Miller
Jennifer Pohlson
Shawna Robinson
Jessica Vanden Houten
Heather Vandeweert

April 20-26, 2019

Alyssa Allison
Kendra Anderson
Brianna Ballinger
Matt Brummett
Ana Cardoso
Katie Coyle
Sheila Croom
Amanda Didia
Vance Ferguson
Amie Fowler

Chelsea George
Erin Gibson
Lauren Hall
Shaylee Hamilton
Judy Hartman
Nicholas Holland
Rachel King
Marissa Klepac
Shannon Langley
Nichole Lewis
Wesley Markesbery
Angelique Messina
Shelly Orvis
Stephanie Paulus
Andrea Romer
Raymond Seegert
Jamie Sharkey
Haili Swan
Niki Wickman

A huge congratulations to all of our Fast Start earners! We can’t wait to see who will earn their way on next week’s list!

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