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May 2, 2019

It’s no secret to each member of our One Plexus family that our company stands out among the rest in countless ways. From our mission, our culture, our leadership, and the legacy we are all building together, there is so much for us to be proud of and much more to come.

For these reasons, it’s always exciting to see when Plexus is recognized by outside sources, such as the Direct Selling News, reputable media outlets, and more. And this past week brought plenty of those spotlights.

Direct Selling News (DSN) Global Ranking

In case you missed it, last week Plexus was ranked No. 30 on the DSN Global 100, rising 9 spots from our 2018 ranking!

This week, this impressive DSN Global ranking was posted by AZBig Media, the digital platform for Arizona Business Magazine. Check out this article to see what CEO & Founder Tarl Robinson and President & Founder Alec Clark thought about the big news.

Even more, our 2019 global ranking was also posted by UniversoMLM, a Spanish-language MLM media outlet.

Nourish One® Service Week

The DSN recently published a feature about our Plexus corporate team’s give back efforts as part of Nourish One Service Week. This spotlight is complete with quotes from Plexus corporate leadership about the value of contribution in our Plexus culture.

Our Nourish One Service Week efforts were also highlighted on My Social Good, a national website devoted to sharing news about philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

A similar story also ran on APN News, a national news distribution outlet, and includes quotes from our Plexus Executives and information about the impact that Nourish One Service Week made in the local community. 

Plexus Hispanic Initiative

We were also pleased to be featured by In Business Magazine both in their April print issue (Page 11) and on their digital site. This Phoenix-area magazine focusing on various aspects of business recently ran a story about our Hispanic Initiative, showcasing how we are “doing much more than just translating literally all materials” to support our U.S. Hispanic community.

Thanks to our amazing One Plexus team around the world, we’re sure that this is only the beginning. We’ll keep you posted on all Plexus media recognition in the Scoop.

posted 3 years ago