Diamond Documentary: Leslie Armstrong

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May 16, 2019

When Leslie first began taking Plexus® products, she saw such great results that she started posting about it on Facebook. She has since helped many others from all over join her team and enjoy their own Plexus journey. Find out more about Leslie’s story in her Diamond Documentary

“I live my life, and I work around what I like to do…One of the good things about Plexus is that it’s flexible, and I can go wherever I want to go.”

Share Leslie’s great story! Diamond Documentaries are a great way to inspire your prospective Ambassadors and Customers. These are the stories of real people that showcase the power of the incredible Plexus products and opportunity and how they can help them reach their health and happiness goals.

Check out our amazing Diamond Documentaries in your Virtual Office under the “Recognition” tab. Who knows, you may even find the perfect story that will encourage someone to start their Plexus journey.

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posted 3 years ago