Meet the Tool that Helps You Tell Your Story, Your Way

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May 22, 2019

Your beautiful smile speaks louder than words and tells others that Plexus® products keep you looking and feeling good. 

Now, it’s easier than ever to share your story! With the My Story Tool, you can share confidently and inspire others to see what Plexus can do for them!

Even more, this incredible tool is now available in French and Spanish! 

Whether you’re on a personal weight loss journey, experiencing the JOY of reversing the appearance of all 10 visible signs of aging, noticing an improvement to your overall health, or would simply like to share the Plexus Opportunity, the My Story Tool will help you share each accomplishment and inspire others to act. Because every victory (large and small) is something that’s worth celebrating!

My Story is the perfect addition to the Sharing System tools lineup! Share confidently with My Story alongside the new Sharing System Contacts ChartLeads You Didn’t Know You Have worksheet, and Sharing System videos.

My Story is available in the U.S. (in English and Spanish!), Canada (in English and French!), and Australia! Visit your Virtual Office under the “Sharing Plexus” tab, and check out this training video and the FAQ for more information.

posted 3 years ago