New Welcome Packs, New Combos, New Trial Packs, New Prices!

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June 21, 2019

Rise Up Convention 2019 has brought us so many new and exciting announcements including the launch of new Welcome Packs, new Combos, and new Trial and Sample Packs!

Reach Your Health Goals With New Combos and Welcome Packs

Achieve peak lifestyle performance with new Combos and Welcome Packs featuring our newest product, Plexus Active™, paired with tried and true Plexus favorites to support weight maintenance, glucose metabolism and more.^*

Wow Your New Team Members with New Welcome Packs
Bring your new Ambassadors on board with the perfect Welcome Pack at the greatest savings! Now, featuring our new product, Plexus Active!

New, Winning Combos 
Save your Ambassadors and Customers time and money with the perfect Combo for their Subscription Order!

Sample a Slice of Health and Happiness

The fan-favorite Plexus Trial Packs and Sample Packs will now be available to everyone at every customer level! And, that’s not all! All Trial and Sample Packs will all be priced at the same amount!

So, which to try?

Trial Packs are perfect business building tools for your next Sip and See or as a handy on the go option for yourself!

Sample Packs come with free shipping and marketing add-ons for first-timers interested in learning more about health and happiness.

And now, pricing, PV, and availability has been adjusted to develop a consistent pricing system across all Trial and Sample Packs in alignment with our newly launched Sampling System.

With this new Sampling System, let your friends and family try health and happiness on for size. With sample packs of your favorite Plexus products, it’s easy to help them experience the benefits for themselves.

And now, sharing is easier than ever, thanks to your new Plexus sampling link!

^When combined with a reduced-calorie weight loss diet plan

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

posted 3 years ago