How the New Sampling Program Can Help You Earn Triple Credits for Leaders Retreat and Emerald Extravaganza!

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July 25, 2019

On June 19 we announced our new Sampling Program which helps support you in sharing health and happiness with your friends and family with sample packs of your favorite Plexus® products. In an effort to support both the new Sampling Program and our Leaders Retreat and Emerald Extravaganza Contests, we will be applying the following rules below when it comes to receiving credits on new Customer enrollment orders and PV.

Current Contests Rules:

  • Receive Contest Credits when you enroll new Personally Sponsored Preferred or Retail Customer with an initial $75 order or more (Credits are awarded per Preferred or Retail Customer).

How Sampling Program orders are processed regarding the contests:

  • If a new Customer signs up with an initial order of $75 or more, with or without items purchased through the Sampling Program link, the order will be counted as their initial order and Contest Credits will be awarded per the current Contest rules.
  • If a new Customer signs up with an initial order below $75 that includes samples purchased through the Sampling Program, the order will not count as the initial order and they will still have the opportunity to place an initial order of $75 or more to count towards the Contest Credits within the Contest Period.
  • If a new Customer or Ambassador purchases samples through the Sampling Program, the PV on the order will count towards PV Contest Credits for the month.

These changes are retroactive to the launch date of the Sampling Program of June 19 and is now reflecting on your Contest Dashboard. For additional information regarding the Contest, please visit your Virtual Office for the flyer, official rules, and FAQ.

posted 2 years ago