Viva La Salud Cheers to Health!

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August 22, 2019

¡Hola! Viva La Salud is a new Plexus® initiative created for our Spanish-speaking Goal Getters to provide integrative, simple, and effective ways to lead healthier and happier lives and more successful teams! Enjoy these inspirational, educational, and empowering resources and share to celebrate healthy habits and promote happiness.

“Almost all our health concerns can be traced back to our belly. Ensure a healthy gut and the rest will take care of itself.” —Dr. Behzad Azargoshasb

What is the gut microbiome? It’s the billions of bacteria living in your gut, and it affects everything from your health to your mood. Yeah, it’s pretty important.

What you feed your gut microbiome could have a big impact on your health. Nourish your gut daily, with different species and strains of probiotics and prebiotics, from food and dietary supplements.

Want to learn more? Text HOLA to PLEXUS (753987) and have these resources delivered to the palm of your hand or like and follow our official Plexus Espanol Facebook Page and Instagram! You will be receiving these resources Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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