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November 7, 2019

The all-new Joyōme™ Multi-Action Collagen Complex features an advanced beauty blend for holistic skincare that’s unlike anything else!

✓ Highly-bioavailable, hydrolyzed types I and III collagen from marine and grass-fed bovine sources.

✓ Ceramides to hydrate and plump your skin from within.*

✓ FOS, the same prebiotic found in Joyōme’s age-defying serums.

✓ Antioxidants from vitamins C and E, and powerful superfoods.*

✓ Biotin to help support healthy skin, hair, and nails.*

✓ Visible results in as little as 15 days.^ Use Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex along with these Plexus® favorites for even more benefits! 

Collagen Complex + Joyōme’s Age-Defying Serums

Dial-up your radiance and discover the confidence that comes when you unveil the best skin of your life!

11 key ingredients
at levels scientifically-demonstrated to reduce the appearance of aging.

Patent-pending Microbiome Balancing Complex
that renews the skin by nourishing your skin’s natural microbiome.

First-to-market HydraLipid Delivery System
increases the absorption rate and delivers ingredients right where they’re needed most.

Simple, 2-step beauty regimen
for hassle-free skincare that delivers age-defying results.

More surprising ways to turn up your glow

Your skincare regimen has never tasted this good! Joyōme’s advanced collagen mix is neutrally flavored, so you can mix up your glow with any powder or beverage.

Plexus Slim®
Sip your way to a youthful glow with this refreshing combination. Choose between Slim Hunger Control or Microbiome Activating for targeted health benefits.*

Plexus Lean™
Shake up your beauty routine and support your weight loss** goals with a smooth, creamy Plexus Lean shake. Available in four tempting flavors!

Plexus Active™
Add this beautiful touch to your afternoon pick me up and enjoy long-lasting energy* in a delicious, Peach-Mango flavor.

^Individual results will vary.

**When combined with a reduced calorie weight loss diet plan. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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