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November 14, 2019

Want a low-pressure, zero-hassle, easier-than-ever way to introduce your friends and family to your favorite Plexus products? Have them sample a product or two!

With sample packs of your favorite Plexus® products, it’s easier than ever to help your friends and family experience the benefits for themselves, thanks to your Plexus sampling link!

*Please note, our 3-Day Challenge Business Builder Pack and 3-Day Challenge Pack are currently notpart of our Sampling System.

How it works

You tell your friends and family about your favorite Plexus products. Don’t be shy: this is your chance to share health and happiness!

You ask and confirm their permission to send them a personalized link that will take them to your unique product sampling page. (See below for more instructions on sending the link.) Make sure to tell them which specific samples to look for!

To send a Sampling Link to a prospect via email, text, Messenger, or WhatsApp, go to “My Account” and choose the new “Sampling” tab. Follow the steps to send the link.

You can also send a prospect directly to a NEW Sampling tab located on your personal website. When they purchase from this tab, FREE shipping is still included!

They visit your sampling page and order the samples they’d like to try.

Health and happiness arrives at their doorstep!

Grow Your Business Through Sampling Reports

Not only does this system allow easy sampling for your prospective customers, it also helps you track prospects and grow your business. 

  • You’ll have access to a Sampling Report page that shows you who has purchased samples using your link, and which products they purchased. (Hello, easy follow-up!)
  • Following their order, prospects will automatically receive an email that details the benefits and features of the products they ordered, along with instructions for how to use them.
  • You can utilize the Plexus Sharing System materials to keep the conversation going.

You Get a Sample! And You Get a Sample! And…

Trying and sharing Plexus products is simple with sample packs.

Share bestsellers and personal favorites to help your prospects find the health and happiness they’ve been looking for. 

This is only the beginning! We’ll be expanding our sample pack options in the future, so stay tuned!

Go Ahead: Share a Sample.

Plexus wants to bring health and happiness to the world, but we can’t do it without you! Share samples of your favorite products and help everyone around you discover the health and happiness that’s waiting for them.

Need more info?

Check your Virtual Office for more tips on sharing samples effectively.

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