Introducing Medical Advisory Board Member, Dr. Jim Logan

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December 26, 2019

At One Plexus, we pride ourselves on our impeccable products and the impressive science behind them. It is in this spirit that we are pleased to introduce the newest Plexus® product expert and first-ever member of our esteemed Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Jim Logan.

Dr. Logan has joined Plexus to lend his expertise in weight management, gut health, and overall wellness. Not only can you be assured our product and systems continue to be in amazing hands, you can also use Dr. Logan’s credibility to help you share Plexus.

Dr. Jim S. Logan is certified in Aerospace Medicine and has enjoyed a 22-year career at NASA Space Center with such esteemed positions as Chief of Flight Medicine and Chief of Medical Operations. Dr. Logan has decades of experience in weight loss and gut health, and he is passionate about using his knowledge and expertise to advance the Plexus product offering with top-quality products, like his favorite, Plexus Lean™.

“I chose Plexus because your approach resonates with mine. Maintaining health is the key – especially considering the incidence and prevalence of the weight management crisis that exists in our society today, as well as other growing health challenges.  I like Plexus products. But it isn’t just the products. I chose Plexus because I admire their management team (and staff) and their dedication to providing the best products, informed by the best science available, to their Ambassadors and Customers. Most of all I chose Plexus because I am impressed with their organizational culture – their focus on the whole person.”

Get to know our newest product expert and find out how his credibility can help you share Plexus.

Dr. Logan’s expert knowledge and renowned career are a great way to lead a conversation about the credibility of Plexus products and systems.

We’re even creating special resources featuring Dr. Logan to make it easier to share Plexus with your prospective Ambassadors and Customers. These resources will be great tools for your team members, too!

Available now:

Dr. Logan Sunny and Share® Blog

Coming soon:

  • Dr. Logan on Weight Loss
  • Dr. Logan on Joyōme Multi-Action Collagen Complex
  • Dr. Logan Combat Aging and Weight Loss with Protein Blog

Also, we’ll soon be releasing new, easy-to-share mini videos starring Dr. Logan that will detail our products, ingredients, and much more. More information will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

We are so happy to have Dr. Logan onboard, and we look forward to our partnership!

Register and tune in to Super Saturday where Dr. Logan will be a special guest!

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