LAST CHANCE to Earn Extra Points During POINTSettia Season!

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December 26, 2019

Earn Plexus® Points on ALL Welcome Packs through December

The holidays are coming fast, it’s time to earn MORE cash! Be a point-setter when you help bring new Ambassadors onboard with ANY Welcome Pack purchase through December 31!¤

Welcome Packs offer the greatest value on Plexus products, which means you can help your newest team members start their health and happiness journey in the best possible way. And with Plexus Points on ALL Welcome Pack purchases, you’ll be rewarded even more.¤

How It Works

Along with the normal Business Builder Bonuses, you’ll also earn Plexus Points on all $99 Welcome Packs for the rest of the year!¤

Get your team in on the action and watch the Points add up! Earn Plexus Points for each New Ambassador who enrolls with a Welcome Pack purchase on your levels 1-7.* Make sure you and your Ambassadors are Commission Qualified.¤

Levels 1-3: 5 points
Level 4: 4 points
Level 5: 3 points
Level 6: 2 points
Level 7: 1 point

*You can earn Plexus Points on Qualified Ambassadors up to your level 7, dependent on your Paid Rank. Learn More

Need a little refresher on Plexus Points?

You earn Plexus Points when you sponsor a new Ambassador with a $199 Welcome Pack purchase or when your current Ambassadors have 100 PV or more for the month. These Plexus Points vary depending on your rank and pay level. View the Compensation Plan training resources in your Virtual Office for all the details.¤

Now that we’ve added $99 Welcome Packs to the Points mix through December, you have a whole new way to earn even more Points this holiday season!¤

The Incentive period runs from Friday, November 1, 2019 through Tuesday, December 31, 2019 11:59 p.m. ET. Upgrades to Ambassador status and Re-entry accounts will also be eligible for this Incentive. Ambassadors within 6 months of conversion date from Ambassador to Customer will not count towards qualifications for this incentive. Must be outside of the 6-month period to qualify. All returns, refunds and declined eCheck payments will count against the Ambassador qualifying for this incentive All credit card payments for Ambassadors have to be in their own name and not that of the sponsor or upline. Random audits are at the discretion of Plexus Worldwide® and can be conducted at any time. No exceptions will be made for the purchases outside the Incentive period.

¤Plexus makes no guarantees on income. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill andleadership abilities. Please see the Plexus Annual Income Disclosure Statement

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