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February 14, 2020

At One Plexus®, we are committed to leading with integrity in everything we do. As such, we will soon be aligning our product labels to meet new government Facts Panel requirements. These label updates are mandatory for all Food, Beverage and Supplements in the US.

In accordance with the new FDA nutrition labeling regulations that go into effect in 2020, we will be updating the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts Panels of our dietary supplements and food products throughout the year. These changes will roll out gradually across all product lines. In fact, you may have noticed that we have already introduced these new panels on some of our new products and Trial Packs.

What are the Changes?

The updates to the Nutrition Labeling Requirements include:

  1. Serving sizes have been updated. “Servings per container” and “Serving size” are in larger type.
  2. Calorie information is larger and in bold.
  3. “Calories from Fat” have been removed.
  4. “Added sugars” is now displayed, both in grams and in percent Daily Value (DV%). This includes sugars from syrups, honey, and concentrated fruit/vegetable juices.
  5. Vitamin D and potassium (amounts and DV%) are now required on the food labels. Recommended daily values for nutrients have been updated to reflect the latest scientific findings.
  6. The DV% footnote at the bottom has changed to explain the meaning of DV%.

What Does This Mean for Plexus Ambassadors and Customers? 

We know that you, our Ambassadors and Customers, want only the best ingredients for you and your family. The most obvious change that all of our savvy label-readers will notice, aside from the new layout, will be differences in DV% (Daily Value Percent). 

For example, vitamin and mineral contents may appear higher or lower in some cases. This is due to adjustments in the way the daily values are calculated. But rest assured that while the labels may look different, the formulas are not changing. These are the same amazing Health and Happiness products you know and love!

Learn more about these updates with the below resources.

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