Start Redeeming Your Plexus® Perks!

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February 20, 2020

US Ambassadors can now redeem their Perk Credits through the dashboard in their Virtual Office. Plus, did you know NEW Ambassadors receive Credits upon enrollment with the purchase of a Welcome Pack?

New to Plexus Perks? Here’s how it works!

Have a qualifying Subscription Order of 100 PV or more set to ON.
Earn Perk Credits based on the total PV of your order.
Save your Perk Credits and redeem them for FREE products.

More Credits = More Perks
That’s Just How We Roll

The more Credits you earn, the better it gets. Keep your Subscription Order ON to earn Credits for FREE products!

Save them up, cash them in!

Use your Virtual Office to see how many Credits you’ve already earned. Your Plexus Perks Dashboard keeps track of your Credits and lets you redeem them with a few simple clicks.

Did you know?

New Ambassadors will automatically receive 250 Perks Credits upon enrollment with a Purchase of a Welcome Pack, a value of $25!

posted 1 month ago