Extended! Earn Extra Cash With International Me+3 Through April 30!¤

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March 1, 2020

Spread health and happiness around the world!

We’ve made unlimited earnings even better with two ways to earn our International Me+3 Incentive! Earn either one or earn BOTH!¤

This incentive runs from January 1 through April 30.

Me+3 Continues to Go Global

Two ways to earn your cash bonus:

1. Personally sponsor 3 Ambassadors with a Welcome Pack purchase outside your home country and earn $250 USD.¤


2. Personally sponsor a new Ambassador with a Welcome Pack purchase outside of your home country and help them earn Silver and earn $100 USD.¤

Or even better – GO FOR BOTH!

Potential earnings that are out of this world!¤

Utilize the Me+3 Sharing System to support you during the current incentives and earn extra Bonus Cash. Plus, earn even more with these exciting incentives you don’t want to miss!¤

Helpful tools to build your International Team

How far will you go? The possibilities are endless! These resources are designed to help you share health and happiness around the world. Plus, don’t forget that as you enroll in markets outside your home country, the pre-enrollment incentive for Mexico can make your efforts even more rewarding! Learn more about the pre-enrollment incentives for Mexico. ¤

International Me+3 Training Calls
Join us for our next call on February 6. This International Training call series is here to provide you with the tools, training, and resources you need to start connecting and sharing Plexus with others around the globe. Mark your calendars for the February 6 call and the two remaining calls on February 20 and March 5. You can also check out a quick and easy video explaining how to earn International Me+3 here.

International Me+3 Facebook Group
Join our private group for more training, tips, and accountability to expand your business worldwide and earn the International Me+3 incentive!¤

Recruiter Packet
Check out these resources that are designed to help you share health and happiness around the world:

U.S. Hispanic

You’ll be able to earn International Me+3 in the Mexico market after March 13. Get a head start and take a look at the Mexico Recruiter Packet here.

It’s the perfect time to share Plexus and grow your Team. See the vision and go international with your dreams!

*International Me+3 runs from Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 12:00 a.m. ET to Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET. No adjustments will be made outside these dates.

All enrollments of new Ambassadors must occur in the incentive time period. You can enroll Ambassadors in multiple markets, as long as it’s not your home country. Ambassadors that achieve International Me+3 qualifications within the incentive period have the opportunity to earn a cash bonus of 250.00 USD. Ambassadors who help those they’ve sponsored in markets outside of their home country will earn 100.00 USD if those Ambassadors go on to personally sponsor 3 newly qualified Ambassadors in any market.

Any returns, refunds, and declined eCheck payments will count against the Ambassador qualifying for this incentive. All credit card payments for Customers and Ambassadors have to be in their own name and not that of the Sponsor or Upline. Those Ambassadors who achieve International Me+3 qualifications will be paid out the following month after the qualifying month following Commissions closing.

¤Plexus makes no guarantees on income. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill and leadership abilities. Please see the Plexus Annual Income Disclosure Statement.

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