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April 8, 2020


Earn extra cash with the ongoing SUPER Silver Incentive!¤

Achieving SUPER Silver will help bring you one step closer to becoming a Gold Ambassador with the opportunity for you or your team members to earn a $150 cash BONUS!*¤


The Consistency Club program is a great way to earn an exciting prize each quarter, simply for taking steps on being consistent in building your business.¤

Consistency Club runs from January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020.

During this timeframe, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn Consistency Club prizes by maintaining Qualified Paid Rank. Rank maintenance will be awarded at the closing of each quarter. Ambassadors who remain consistent through the Consistency Club Program will be eligible to earn an Annual Prize at the close of the Program and conclusion of 2020.¤


The Fast Start Program Incentive gives new ambassadors the opportunity to help get their products paid for (and more!) while they build their legacy business. Earn Fast Start One-Time Achievement Bonuses in addition to your regular weekly and monthly commissions when new Ambassadors join your Team!¤

NEW International Bonus Pool Program!
Are you a global go-getter? Your business-building activities just got even more rewarding. Learn how you can take a “dip” in this new bonus pool!¤

¤Plexus makes no guarantees on income. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill and leadership abilities. Please see the Plexus Annual Income Disclosure Statement.

posted 2 years ago