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April 23, 2020

“Believe.” It’s a powerful word.

So much can happen when you believe in yourself and all you’re capable of.
 In a time where many doors of opportunity are closing,
we’re swinging doors open wide to help people earn some extra income.¤

Open Enrollment Starts Now

Seeing is believing. You’ve seen it first-hand. Help others discover the Plexus® Opportunity with our Believe It & Achieve It Open Enrollment.

Start Today

Welcome Packs can be purchased NOW or later! New Ambassadors can get started for just 9.95 USD | 9.95 CAD | 9.95 AUD, and will receive a Plexus Slim 7-Day Pack** with free shipping. No Welcome Pack purchase required.*


Slim 7-Day Packs** can be used to sip and enjoy, or your New Ambassadors can take the first step toward earning by sharing Plexus with others.¤

Even Better When Combined With Our April Offers

Your new Ambassadors can take advantage of our April offers, including 10% off Welcome Packs, and the chance to earn more than 350.00 USD this month.¤

Free Business Building and Opportunity Lives
Turn belief into success with exclusive startup resources. We’re offering twice-daily Business Building and Opportunity lives for your prospects and New Ambassadors. More details to come!

Real Potential to Earn¤
Get the details about how your new Ambassadors can earn commission checks within their first month, and what it takes to make sure they’re Commissions Qualified.¤

posted 2 years ago