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August 30, 2020

It’s time to gather your prospective team members and host your own Joyōme 3-Day Beauty Experience! Join Diamond Ambassadors Bridget Kroll, Corinne Grodi, and Jaclyn Stanley for the training event of the season!

You’ll learn how to promote your challenge, set up a Facebook group, and get tips to convert prospects into NEW Ambassadors!

3-Day Beauty Unboxing Video

Invite your participants to order their Joyōme 3-Day Beauty Challenge Pack by September 14 so they’ll have it in time to participate and join you for YOUR challenge!

Hype Week | September 8th-10th

Invite participants and build excitement! Our Diamonds will show you how to host your own Joyōme 3-Day Beauty Experience event with tips and resources, and will be there to help you out along the way!

Make sure you and your team order the Beauty Box now so you’re ready with personal posts and selfies for the event!

Live 3-Day Beauty Experience | September 23rd-25th

Host your own challenge alongside the Diamonds! During your challenge visit the Facebook Ambassador group for tips, to-dos and more! They’ll make sure you’re not alone during your challenge!

Share Your Wins | September 28

Jump in on the Plexus Ambassador Facebook Group and share what worked for you! We want to hear your success stories!

We can’t wait to have you join us for this incredible training.

posted 1 year ago