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November 16, 2020

You Deserve a Healthy, Happy Holiday!

You’ve shopped for everyone else all season long, but you deserve a gift, too! ‘Tis the season to treat yourself with 2 limited-edition holiday flavors of your favorite Plexus® products, along with handpicked gift sets made complete with extra-special touches.

Supplies are limited, so fill your sleigh today!

Joyōme Holiday Set
20% Savings!

Gift a complete beauty and skincare regimen with premium products from Joyōme plus a handcrafted pair of earrings from the Faire Collection — an organization that helps women from disadvantaged communities build a brighter future for themselves and their families. It’s the gift that gives back, beautifully.


Put a bow on Health and Happiness with the most wonderful gift of the year! Both limited-edition holiday flavors, the complete Joyōme collection, Faire Collection earrings, our holiday women’s beanie, and a tumbler exclusive to this bundle. 


The Faire Collection celebrates women through the creation of upcycled jewelry from sustainable materials, handcrafted by talented artisans around the world. They are a social enterprise that empowers artisans by creating positive social change in disadvantaged communities. They reinvest in the communities where they work in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Started in 2008, Faire Collection provides a path out of poverty to artisans living in rural Ecuador and Vietnam. In cultures where women often have few opportunities outside of the home, they have seen mothers become the family breadwinner, empowering women to new heights. Not only are the women thriving, but their families are flourishing, and their children are able to get an education. And, from there, the children can dream, and these women can help make the dreams a reality. 

The majority of the artisans who work for Faire Collection are women. Faire Collection works hard to support the female members of the communities in which they work, empowering them through education and opportunity. Most of the women they work with are the main caregivers in their families, but they are also now becoming the main breadwinners. With long-term job opportunities and a stable income, these women are not only changing their own lives and the lives of their families. They are also then building the foundations of an economically stronger community which can offer a better future for the next generation.

On top of all the incredible products to support the beautiful women in your life (or to pamper yourself… we won’t tell!), you will also support women abroad with the inclusion of beautiful Oro Bar earrings from Faire Collection. These earrings were handcrafted by women in Ecuador, making a living in a community where most women aren’t given the opportunity to support their families. By supporting Faire Collection, you are supporting the chance to empower female artisans, creating positive social change and strengthening both communities and future generations. 


Since joining Faire eight years ago, artisan Lourdes has built strong bonds within the Faire community. Inspired by each other’s craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, these women have created a supportive, safe environment where each of them feels valued and respected. After losing her husband, Lourdes found herself single-handedly supporting her daughter, who needed life-saving surgery. When faced with the impossible task of funding her daughter’s healthcare, Lourdes was able to turn to her community at Faire for emotional support. In a time of crisis, Lourdes felt supported and safe as she knew the long-term commitment to Faire’s employees meant that she could avoid what could quickly have become an inescapable spiral further into poverty. Lourdes is delighted to have the opportunity to continue to support her family with a job that offers her the flexibility and support she needs when she needs it.

Aspirational and talented, Tamia is part of the next generation of women working for Faire. At 25 years old, she lives with her parents in a small community and travels twenty minutes by bus to the workshop. Tamia is part of a thriving team of talented women who are supported and empowered through Faire and now has big dreams for the future. As a young woman, Tamia is able to craft and create beautiful products, which in turn give her a vital sense of independence and empowerment.

For many women in Ecuador, employment opportunities are often prescribed, limited and unreliable. For Marisela, this was the uncertainty she faced. As a single mother who lives with and supports both her parents and four children, life could often feel like an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, Marisela sought the opportunity for fair employment and a way to support her family. This is when her journey at Faire began. Now able to spend more time with her family, Marisela enjoys showcasing her talents through her flexible employment without worry and uncertainty.

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