Plexus Worldwide 2020 Recap: Looking at the Year of Dedication and 20/20 Vision

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December 31, 2020

If there is one thing the past year has taught us, it’s that you never know what is waiting around the corner. In 2020, the world around us changed and doors of opportunity closed without warning. There were likely moments where you wondered what your next step should or would be.

Looking back, it is remarkable to think of all you have accomplished despite the challenges.  In your life, your family, your community, it’s not always easy to see how much of an impact your efforts have made. So, we want to take this opportunity to show you what the One Plexus Family achieved during a year unlike any other.

A year of growing through sharing

Despite economic challenges, 2020 was a huge year for entrepreneurship. It was estimated by GEM that 14% of Americans (nearly 27M people) are starting or running a new business! You played a role in this influx in entrepreneurship by sharing Health and Happiness with others. More than 460,000+ joined Plexus this year to obtain more Hope, more Health, more Happiness, and more financial stability.

Not only did the total number of new people to our community grow significantly, but so did the total number of Plexus Ambassadors who received monthly income (up 23% from 2019) and the total number of unique check earners (up 37% from 2019)! This is an incredible impact to thousands of families across the world. This is money that makes a difference.

Your growth doesn’t stop there; the One Plexus Family celebrated over 422 new Jewel rank advancements across the world and added over 110 new corporate employees in 2020.

Sending health and happiness your way  

In a time of uncertainty, we shared more health and happiness than ever, and we adapted together. We not only increased our safety, cleanliness and quality standards, but we also increased our total shipments worldwide to 4.2M orders fulfilled, globally!

We launched a new Market in Mexico that is already growing by incredibly. We launched 6 new products in the US alone, including fan-favorite limited-time flavor Active Starfruit Guava, the all-new TriPlex Combo with a 60-count Bio Cleanse, the expansion of Plexus children’s products with MegaKids Microbiome®, limited-time flavor Lean Whey White Chocolate Peppermint, limited time flavor Slim Microbiome Activating* Black Cherry Lime Blossom, and finally, the Joyōme® 3-Day Experience.

Our top 5 most popular products in the US for 2020 include ProBio 5®, Slim Microbiome Activating, Bio Cleanse 120 ct. Slim Hunger Control* , and Active.

Bringing more virtual health and happiness to the world

As One Plexus adapted with the rest of the world to our new normal of virtual sharing and more social networking, our virtual event attendance grew, too! Social distancing as our new normal brought our community closer than ever. We successfully celebrated our annual convention and TriPlex re-launch, among many others!

Our network grew in the social media realm, too. We welcomed over 16k new members to the US Ambassador Facebook Community alone, and nearly 14k new Plexus Instagram followers! You all shared your favorite #OnePlexus moments over 41k times on Instagram and 3.5k times on Facebook! We all shared our end-of-the-year excitement together with #CheersToYou2020 over 4k times on Instagram and 5.5k times on Facebook, too.

It’s no surprise that this growth has helped Plexus earn its place in the top 25 Network Marketing Companies worldwide.

The impact we’re making hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’ve made headlines for stories such as the amazing 3.4 million meal donation milestone from Plexus’ Lean Forward initiative, Founder and CEO Tarl Robinson’s decision to forgo his salary to award “thank you” bonuses to local corporate staff, Plexus becoming the newest members of ANAISA, Mexico’s National Association of the Food Supplement Industry, the impact of Plexus’ global campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and so many others. Check out our Press Page to see more stories made possible by our incredible One Plexus Family.

Ending 2020 with full hearts as we welcome 2021

Trends show that most new year resolutions are dedicated to diet, health, weight loss, saving/spending money, and family. And those needs extend far beyond just starting a new year. Because the Plexus opportunity is an amazing solution to many of those needs for so many people, it’s a great time to leverage Plexus as your guide while you line up your 2021 goals.

You can do this – now get ready to bring even more hope, health and happiness to the world in the year ahead!

Take a look at our recap video below!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

¤Plexus makes no guarantees on income. Personal earnings will vary. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill, and leadership abilities. In 2019, the average annual earnings of all Ambassadors were $678. Please see the Plexus Annual Income Disclosure Statement.

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