The Plexus Way: What Can I Say About XFactor Kids™?

December 7, 2017

Have you tried the amazing new XFactor Kids? The delicious tropical splash flavor will have your kiddos (and yourself) looking forward to taking them every day! XFactor Kids provides essential nutrition for healthy growth and supports strong immune and digestive systems, and healthy brain function.* In this week’s Plexus Way, learn how you can share … Continued

Plexus Block™ and the Holiday Season

November 16, 2017

Believe it or not, it’s already mid-November. Tis the season for crisp cool air, pumpkin spice everything, and the holiday season. For many of us, November and December usually call for spending time with friends and family. There will be laughter, new memories, decorating, and of course, lots of food. According to one source, the … Continued

The Plexus Way: What You Can Say About Plexus® and Pregnancy

November 9, 2017

Have you wondered what you can say about Plexus and pregnancy? Wonder no more! In this week’s Plexus Way, we put together a few talking points about what you can say (and what you should avoid saying). Everybody’s body is different Healthy eating, good exercise, and vitamins and supplements can certainly have great benefits for … Continued

The Plexus Way: Running Your Own Ambassador Specials

November 2, 2017

Can you believe it’s already November? The year is flying by, and soon we will be ringing in 2018 with new goals and aspirations. As you get ready to close out 2017, you’re likely pushing hard these final two months to accomplish your personal and business goals. As you develop strategies to finish the year … Continued

The Plexus Way: How to Share New Product Information

October 26, 2017

Share, share, share! Post, post, post! Last week at Empower Leaders Retreat, CMO Cindy Latham launched Plexus XFactor Kids™, the newest product to join the Plexus family. If you were there, you remember the electric feeling of the ballroom when the new product was launched. In this week’s Plexus Way, we wanted to share some … Continued

Your Favorite Plexus Way™ Topics

October 19, 2017

It has been a very exciting year, filled with great information and in this week’s Plexus Way, we would like to highlight some of our Ambassador’s favorite Plexus Ways topics. Write a Great Testimonial: What better way to advertise your business than by using the resources you have. Word of mouth is a wonderful way … Continued

Reasons to Keep Your Plexus Account Up to Date

October 12, 2017

Have you ever tried to log into one of your accounts, but can’t get in? You feverishly remembering which email address or password is on the account, but have no success? We’ve all been there. A few weeks ago, we shared 6 Tips to Keep Your Online Plexus Business Safe. In this week’s Plexus Way, … Continued

The Plexus Way: What Can I Say About MegaX?

October 5, 2017

This month we are featuring one of our favorite products. Plexus MegaX is the plant-based Omega that contains a full spectrum of Omega fatty acids. MegaX delivers the heart-healthy benefits of Omega-3, but without the unpleasant fishy aftertaste.* Goodbye fishy burps! In today’s Plexus Way, we wanted to hightlight some of the features and benefits … Continued

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