Plexus® Weekly International Update

March 15, 2019

Got International Downline? Whether you’re actively recruiting in other markets, or you’ve received a new international downline team member by way of our Leads Program, you’ll want to be in-the-know when it comes to international promotions and campaigns! Here’s what you need to know this week: The iPad Madness incentive is available to Ambassadors in … Continued

Your Shot to Score an iPad!

March 14, 2019

It’s iPad Madness at Plexus®!   Pick Up Six to Score an iPad!¤ Enroll six new Personally Sponsored Ambassadors with the purchase of any Welcome Pack in March to earn a new iPad!¤   Earn up to Three iPads or an iPad and Las Vegas Travel Cash!¤ Hit a hot streak? When you welcome a … Continued

SUPER Silver is Still Going Strong

March 7, 2019

Earn Extra Cash with the Ongoing SUPER Silver Incentive!¤ Achieving SUPER Silver will bring you one step closer to becoming a Gold Ambassador with the opportunity for you or your team members to earn a $150 cash BONUS!*¤ How it works Silver Ambassadors and below who achieve SUPER Silver qualifications for the first time will … Continued

The Convention Contest Just Got Even Better!

March 7, 2019

Go big. Win bigger. Our knock-your-socks-off lineup of rewards for the 2019 Convention Contest just got better. FIVE of the top 25 credit-earning Ambassadors will win our biggest reward yet: a trip to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona (Plexus® Headquarters!), the weekend of July 25-27, for them and five of their team members!¤ This wow-worthy trip package includes: … Continued

Tips from the Top: The Value of Consistency

March 7, 2019

Now’s the time to earn prizes in the Consistency Club program! Emerald Ambassador Cheryl Wood knows that success is all about being consistent in your belief in Plexus® and how you show up in your life. Check out Cheryl’s training video below to hear her tips on how you can grow your business and earn … Continued

Download the Newly-Added Fresh Start and Fast Start Trackers

February 28, 2019

Complete Me+3 and Them+3 Me+3 and Them+3 is the Sharing System that makes it easy to explain the Plexus® opportunity with others. Walk step-by-step through the compensation plan, picking up fresh new bonuses as you race through the ranks!¤ Your 30-day goal has gone, but there’s still time to shoot for the 60-day bonuses! the … Continued

Who Wants Free Enrollment Codes? Learn How

February 28, 2019

Qualify Now to Earn Free Enrollment Codes¤ Today is the last day of February and it’s time to finish the month STRONG and set yourself up for success in March! End the month of February Commission Qualified with your Subscription Order turned on and earn SIX codes for free enrollments with the purchase of a … Continued

Convention Contest Prizes are Calling Your Name!

February 28, 2019

We’ve officially hit the halfway point in this year’s Convention Contest! Chances are, you’re well on your way to reaching your goals, but if you could use a little push, how about checking out the incredible lineup of prizes that you could earn?! Prizes Await! From cash to special events, we have quite the prizes … Continued

Improve Retention with this All-New Artificial Intelligence Tool

February 28, 2019

We’ve launched a fantastic, game-changing mobile texting tool called Plexus® aim!  Introducing Plexus aim Plexus aim, Plexus Artificial Intelligence Messenger, is an amazing text-based tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to help you improve retention. This high-tech mobile texting tool leverages technology to predict behaviors among the Ambassadors and Customers on your team to help you know … Continued

Consistency Club Tips: Growing Your Team

February 22, 2019

Now’s the perfect time to earn in the Consistency Club program! Don’t miss these tips from the top to help you get there.¤ Emerald Ambassador Melissa Shaver shares valuable business strategies that have helped her grow her team and earn in the Consistency Club along the way. Check out Melissa’s great tips on how to … Continued

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