Sunny and Share® Blogs: Health Hacks

September 19, 2019

What if you could snap your fingers and magically wake up each morning feeling full of health and happiness? You’d do it in a heartbeat, right? We can help you get there! Check out our Health Hack blogs on our Sunny & Share blog page to find all the simple every-day tips and tricks to … Continued

Sunny and Share® Blog: Beauty and Skincare

September 12, 2019

It doesn’t take a trip to Sephora to know that beauty and skincare are huge industries. The number of products and tools available in specialty stores, department stores, drug stores, and even grocery stores, is astounding. And then there’s all the information. One beauty blogger swears by one mascara, and another says that that mascara … Continued

Sunny and Share® Blog: AH HA

September 5, 2019

People oftentimes comment that brilliant ideas or ‘ah ha!’ moments come to them when they are not trying to look for them… they happen while driving home from work, at the gym, in the shower, or gardening. Why is that? When our minds are at rest they have more room to spark unexpected and creative … Continued

Sunny and Share® Blog: Goal Getters

August 30, 2019

Many people look at the success of others and think they achieved their goals by having connections that gave them an upper hand or by being “lucky” and having opportunity fall into their laps. While having connections or being lucky certainly doesn’t hurt, success is largely gained by people who define their goals, seek opportunity, … Continued

Health and Happiness Rooted in Science

August 29, 2019

Don’t just dream about health and happiness… Use science to help you actually find it! At Plexus®, we believe that the real way to health and happiness is through science. We’re committed to finding tangible, science- and research-based ways to help you feel great, inside and out! Supercharge Your Day is all about using an … Continued

Sunny and Share® Blog: Trust Your Gut

August 22, 2019

Attributing belly issues to bloating or that supermarket sushi is common (and not always wrong), but there is so much that could be affecting your gut health. As more research piles in, it is becoming clear that the health of your gut and gut lining can affect not just your body but your mind and … Continued

Sunny and Share® Blogs: Movers and Shakers

August 15, 2019

This is the blog category for our forward-thinking, innovative, influential, movers and Lean (wink wink) shakers! These incredible, empowered legacy builders play pivotal roles in changing the world and propelling themselves, their families, and their communities forward. Check out these blogs and hear how these Ambassadors are shaking things up: ☞ 2019 One Plexus Award … Continued

Sunny and Share Blog: Healthy Matters

August 8, 2019

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be tough. Diets can be hard, exercise can be daunting, skincare can be a chore, heck even drinking enough water can seem like a huge challenge! So why do we do it? Why should we do it? Because your health determines not just your physical well-being but your overall … Continued

Sunny and Share® Blog: Just For Fun

August 2, 2019

We all have those blogs that we read purely for fun! Not the blogs we read because they relate to our jobs, or our kid’s school, or because my best friend Sara’s mom’s sister is the author. We’re talking about the blogs where when you wake up in the morning and roll over to grab … Continued

Plexus Slim® & Plexus XFactor Plus™ Brochures Available

January 25, 2018

Plexus Slim & XFactor Plus Brochure Bundle available in your Virtual Office Sharing the awesome benefits of Plexus products is now easier than ever! Our limited-time Plexus brochure bundle features two of our most popular products – Plexus Slim and XFactor Plus. Each bundle includes two sets of brochures (25 Plexus Slim/25 XFactor Plus) to … Continued

Introducing the Plexus® Research & Development Team

January 18, 2018

The next time you sip your favorite pink drink or open a bottle of one of our supplements, we hope you’ll smile about how good you feel. Not just because our products help people live healthier, happier lives–but also because each time you do, you can have the confidence that you’re experiencing the best products! … Continued

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